11 Compelling Reasons to Wake Up Early Every Day

11 Compelling Reasons to Wake Up Early Every Day

Forget the sunrises, chirping birds, and CrossFit training sessions. If you’re new to the A.M. scene, you need compelling, realistic reasons to wake up early in the morning. Let’s get real: No one ever got lured out of bed by the mere mention of a breathtaking sunrise – unless they are an early rising veteran. Eventually, you learn to appreciate nature’s little gifts, but not in the beginning when you’re more likely to hit the snooze button.

Obviously, you can’t do all 11 of these things, but I’m sure 1 or more of them will resonate with you and inspire you to wake up early. Here’s my list of 11 reasons that actually stand a chance of successfully waking you up early:

1. Invest in Some Me Time (Fun Time!)

As a busy student or working adult, there is very little time over the course of the average day to take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Setting aside this time first thing in the morning is a great way to convince you to get up early.

If you make this time as fun or as rewarding as possible, you won’t have any trouble getting up – especially as the habit gets developed over the course of a couple months and it becomes a familiar part of your day. Fun isn’t just for weekends. Fun is for every day of the year and adds positivity to your life.

It doesn’t matter what you choose for your Me Time or Fun Time. What matters is that you love it and aren’t secretly resenting it.

Unless you are a bona fide fitness enthusiast, I recommend holding off on early morning exercise if you’re new to early rising. You’ll want to develop the habit itself (eliminate resistance to getting up early, that is) and cultivate a genuine love for early mornings first, before taking your morning routine to the next level with fitness-related activities.

There will be plenty of opportunities to add yoga, running, weightlifting, etc later. Remember: One slow, steady step at a time always leads to more steps, but too many steps too soon lead to stumbling.

spa time pamper yourself in the early morning

2. Pamper Yourself by Turning Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Building on the Me Time concept, but still a separate idea is this: Make every morning a spa morning. Who has time to take a hot bath all the time? You, that’s who! At least you do now since you got up early enough to do it…

If you’re pampering yourself on a daily basis, you will look forward to getting up early. Giving yourself the spa treatment will also greatly reduce stress and start rebuilding your sense of wellbeing. 

It doesn’t have to be a hot bath, if that isn’t your cup of tea. It could be an aqua foot spa massager like this gem that I love on Amazon. An early morning foot massage is one of my all-time favorite ways to pamper myself. If you don’t like immersing your feet in warm water, but still love foot massages, this shiatsu foot massager from Amazon is awesome too. I own both of these items, and pick one to use depending on what I feel like that particular morning. During the winter months, I tend to gravitate toward the aqua foot spa.

As you can see, my reason for getting up early can vary by the day, and that’s perfectly fine with me because I happen to enjoy a healthy dose of variety.

get up early to spend time with loved ones

3. Spend Time with a Loved One… or Two

If you have a spouse, child(ren), or a pet (or all of the above!) see if they want to get up early and spend some extra time together. Things are always so rushed in the evenings and most days we’re running out of steam after work or school, so why not squeeze in some together time in the A.M. instead?

The pressure will be off in the evening and you’ll head off to bed feeling guiltless about not spending as much time together because you already did it in the morning when you were probably more energetic and alert. The quality of time you spend with others in the morning is almost always going to be better than in the evening when you’re strapped for time and patience.

get up early to cuddle with your dog

Curling up with my dog, who is a really fluffy boy as you can see in the photo above, and reading a book is one of my absolute favorite early morning activities. 

Cuddling with a loved one and watching a movie or drinking hot tea first thing in the morning (and not being rushed for once) is sure to get you psyched to get up early. Playing a game or with toys is an ideal early morning activity with small children. Cherish those moments and make as many of them as you can before it’s too late.

4. Make a Delicious Breakfast

Some people are more drawn to food in the morning. I am one of those people. I’ll get up anytime for a great breakfast. In fact, it’s the easiest way to coax me out of bed. The smell of bacon gets me every time…

Your early morning breakfast doesn’t need to be elaborate or time-consuming to make, but it should be delicious. Get up early to whip up something you love to eat, and enjoy it without the rush that comes with the rest of the day. 

get up early to drink tea or coffee

5. Enjoy a Heavenly Hot Beverage

If you’re not drawn to food, but love a warm drink first thing, make that your reason to wake up early. No low-quality stuff because those aren’t going to inspire you.

I am a sucker for a yummy cup of tea – especially the loose leaf jasmine green tea like this one from Amazon. You normally can’t find tea of this caliber in the grocery store, and it has such an amazing flavor and scent that the slightly extra cost is worth it. I really don’t care for the average supermarket tea bag varieties anymore. Even though I don’t drink it every day because I don’t consume caffeine daily, this stuff gets me up early without complaints for sure.

If you’re a coffee drinker, find that special coffee that has this same effect on you emotionally. I’ve heard from coffee-drinking friends that any type of Jamaican Blue Mountain is their to-die-for coffee.

6. Rely on Aromatherapy to Bail You Out

Simply sitting back and enjoying some pleasant essential oil scents to start your day can encourage you to get out of bed early. If you live in the city, the day can be filled with so many not-so-pleasant scents like car exhaust, trash, grease dumpsters outside restaurants, foods you don’t personally care for, etc. If that is something that bothers you, make time in the morning to create an aromatherapy or scented candle haven in your home. The early morning is yours to spend how you like, so make it smell how you like, too.

Play around with different essential oils or candle scents and see what invigorates your senses. My favorite is any type of citrus scent in the morning because it has an energizing effect on me. You can also find body washes and hand soaps that contain essential oils, which can indulge your senses throughout the day as well. 

7. Get Some Peace and Quiet

If you’re an introvert like me, then you enjoy and value peace and quiet. The early morning may be unappealing in other ways to newbie early risers (it’s cold, still dark outside, etc), but the quiet and stillness aspect of the morning is incredibly appealing to introverts since we recharge our energy levels through silent introspection. Our environment must be conducive to growth and happiness, and as an introvert, I need a quiet environment for both of those things to happen.

Even if you’re an extrovert, the stresses and chaotic events of everyday life can wear you down quickly as I’m sure you already know. Nobody is immune to stress – especially if it’s constant and forced upon you. Peace and quiet in the morning can do you extroverts some good, too. 

Meditation is ideal this time of day and I find that it is really beneficial to me in the morning. I notice a difference when I skip a morning meditation session.

During the rest of the day, I can rarely hear myself think – especially at work because I work in an office that has loud music playing all day. I live in Los Angeles, so it’s never peaceful outside, except in the early morning hours. The quiet time I get during these precious couple hours is a very compelling reason to get up early and one of the main reasons I continue doing so daily. Inner peace is addicting.

 get up early to set a good example for kids

8. Set a Good Example

Maybe you’re the altruistic type. We all are to a certain extent, but some of us are more than others. Becoming a parent tends to swing most people more in that direction.

If you can’t bring yourself to wake up early for your own selfish reasons, then certainly you’d do it for someone else’s benefit. Set a good example for your children by committing to early mornings every day. This can be a great help if your child is in his or her teens or 20s because it stands a chance of inspiring them to follow suit – especially if you have a positive attitude about it and talk about the benefits of early rising with them. Of course, we all know kids (especially the teenage variety) pay far more attention to our actions than our words, so disciplined actions like getting up at 6am every day have more of a lasting impact than just talking.

get up early to volunteer

9. Help Someone in Need

Sticking with the altruistic theme of reason #8 above: If you know someone who can use some help first thing in the morning, you know where I’m going with this… Getting up early to help someone who is counting on you is a surefire way to dart out of bed because you won’t want to let them down. Offer to help an elderly or disabled neighbor or family member do chores every morning. Do something useful with your time. 

If you don’t personally know someone who can use some early morning help, try volunteering. There are plenty of people out there who don’t have family nearby to assist them with the basics. Be the family they don’t have. You’ll be helping them out and I guarantee you’ll feel a genuine sense of happiness from your good deed. 🙂

get up early for work

10. Shift Your Work Schedule Earlier

If all else fails, and you need a no-nonsense reason to get up early, promise to show up at work early in the morning if at all possible. My morning routine is centered around my personal life, but if that isn’t enough to peel yourself out of bed early, try this. Nothing says “get up now” like promising your boss that you’re going to do something at a certain time.

I don’t recommend this reason to wake up early because it’s fear-based, but the truth is that it does indeed work if you’re out of options and currently lack the ability to get up on your own. Sometimes you need an external nudge when forming habits. Maybe after you establish the habit, you can go back to your normal schedule and use the early morning hours for yourself eventually. 

The one advantage I can think of for shifting your work schedule earlier is that you get off earlier, too. Not a bad reward for forced early rising.

11. Play a Motivational Speech as Your Alarm

The Be Inspired YouTube channel has a lot of fabulous motivational video clips of various motivational speakers and celebrities. Use one or more of those as your wake-up alarm and you’ll have plenty of reasons to get up early. You should probably rotate them so you’re not listening to the same one every morning. I’m sure there are other YouTube channels or websites with similar content, so check it out and give it a try.

The bottom line is that winners get up early, so get up!

I'm the owner of WhyGetUpEarly.com and an enthusiastic early riser. Let's discuss why that is... and maybe I can make you a believer in magical mornings as well!

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