5 Hidden Benefits of Waking Up at 5am

5 Hidden Benefits of Waking Up at 5am

Early rising enthusiasts like myself have discovered a whole slew of benefits of waking up at 5am every morning. I’ll be honest, though: I don’t know about others, but aside from the obvious benefits of feeling like I got ahead of the day and conquering my affinity for snoozing in bed, I personally did not discover the hidden benefits I’m about to share with you right off the bat. You have to ease into a morning routine and simply enjoy the quiet of the morning before you can move up to the next level of benefits.

With some time (I’d say after about 5 to 7 days), I started reaping some hidden benefits of waking up at 5am such as the following: better quality of sleep, falling asleep faster, no guilt later in the day when I feel like relaxing, no longer having the desire to dink around on my phone while in bed, and an awesome sense of focus and enthusiasm for diving into a personal project I had been putting off for years.

Good things come to those who wait – and those who persist. That’s exactly what happened to me when I started waking up early. 

better quality sleep - benefits of waking up at 5am

1. 5am Rising Brings Better Quality of Sleep

After getting my body acclimated to going to bed and getting up more than 3 hours earlier every day, my quality of sleep at night improved exponentially.

It wasn’t until I committed to the same time 7 days a week (not just during the work week like a lot of people do) that I felt a significant increase in quality of sleep.

Apparently, this was the schedule my body had been looking for, but like a 4-year-old fighting bedtime and not wanting to miss out on late night YouTube watching, I resisted an early bedtime for years. I went to bed whenever I felt like it or whenever I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

This irresponsible behavior led to erratic bedtimes and mornings where I felt like crud. The melatonin-blocking blue light from my phone also led to a lot of nights where my eyes were tired and couldn’t stay awake.

Because the blue light from the phone had caused my pineal gland to secrete less melatonin, I couldn’t fall alseep; my body thought it was still daytime. I remember many nights where I lay awake, exhausted but unable to sleep.

None of that happens anymore! Hardly ever. We all have rough nights once in a while, but for me, they are now rare. I love being able to get a great quality of sleep simply by going to bed at the same time 7 days a week. It really is that simple.

fall asleep fast - benefits of waking up at 5am

2. Be Prepared to Fall Asleep Faster as a 5am’er

Ohhh yes… You are going to be tired around 9 to 9:30pm if you get up at 5 or 5:30am. This is what helped me keep on track with my bedtime. I go to bed at the same time every night because I need to.

I get all my chores done well before 9pm and I’m ready to slumber around that time. It takes me less than 20 minutes to fall asleep – sometimes less than 5.

It used to take me hours to fall asleep most nights unless I was sleep deprived for several days in a row. I hated laying in bed tired, but not able to fall asleep. A lot of times, I wasn’t able to get my brain to shut off, and that’s probably why I used to lay awake.

Nowadays, I’m genuinely sleepy because I’ve been up 3 hours earlier than before, so my brain shuts itself off and I don’t have to deal with that problem anymore.

relax in the evening - benefits of waking up at 5am

3. Unapologetically Relax Later in the Day

I remember back when I was going to bed whenever I felt like it (usually midnight or 12:30am and dragging myself out of bed at 8:30am.

Yes, I was getting my 8 hours, but the schedule set me up for needless rushing and playing catch-up.

Because I got up so late, I had to rush off to work and didn’t get a chance to accomplish any non-work chores or even hear myself think until after work or during my lunch hour (which usually got interrupted at least once by a co-worker with an “emergency.”)

Now that I get up around 5:30am, I immediately tend to myself in whatever way suits me that day. No more putting work before myself. I am more important than a job and that’s the main reason I started banishing my laziness and getting up early in the first place.

Because I get up so early, I also have time to do a lot of house chores before work. This leaves me with so much more leisure time after work – without any guilt because, aside from dinner, I already have everything done!

Before, if I lounged around watching TV and avoiding what had to get done, I would have that nagging in my head that drained even more energy out of me. No more of that…

break social media habit - benefits of waking up at 5am

4. The Days of Mindless Instagram Scrolling Are Gone as a 5am Early Riser

I’ve always disliked the idea of mindlessly scrolling through social media – especially when I should be winding down and going to bed. Yet, I used to find myself doing it a lot. I just couldn’t stop myself.

I think the bright light from the phone put me in some sort of trance. I knew I had to break the cycle or else I would never, ever be able to get up early and wake up refreshed.

As soon as I committed to getting up early and actually started doing it, I was way too sleepy in the evening to even touch my phone.

By getting up early, the social media habit took care of itself. This is a huge benefit of getting up at 5am (or just earlier in general!)

bias toward action - benefits of waking up at 5am

5. You’ll Feel More Inclined to Take Action Toward Personal Goals… with Focus and Enthusiasm

Holy cow! I love this benefit more than words can express! This benefit of early 5am rising has changed my life.

I have been trying for years to get “motivated” to start working on some blog ideas I’ve had – all to no avail. I would always quit and make some excuse.

I was never really excited about the blog topics either, which is a whole other issue entirely, but I thought I’d throw that in there in case it’s helpful to you. Always be passionate about your projects and you will be able to wake up early much easier!

Anyway, I would always choose sleeping until noon over my own goals because the bed is so warm and comfy early in the morning. The logic of my groggy morning brain always had way of talking me into burrowing deeper into my bed for as long as possible.

What About Now? Do I Still Struggle Waking Up at 5am?

Don’t get me wrong, my bed is still warm and comfy, but I pushed through the temptation for the first few weeks using a little bit of manufactured morning motivation.

After establishing the habit of getting up early, the act of getting out of the bed is much more appealing to me than staying in bed. I’ve proven to myself that I have the desire and ability to focus on my goals. This time I am not giving up and it is paying off. I don’t want to let myself down.

A Note About Sleeping In Past 5am…

Another one of the more interesting benefits of waking up at 5am is that I can no longer sleep until noon no matter how hard I try. Heck, I can’t even sleep until 7:30am anymore. I can maybe push it to 7am, but that’s only if I really, really try and only when I go to bed too late.

What I find is that after a late bedtime, I’ll still wake up at 5:30am, then because I allow myself to go back to sleep, I can usually manage to get in another 90 minute sleep cycle and wake up around 7am.

more productivity - benefits of waking up at 5am

Are There Truly Any Benefits of Waking Up at 5am?

When I first made the choice to try waking up at 5am, I thought I would maybe get a few more household chores done, but I never imagined I’d effortlessly and almost automatically tackle the personal blog project I had been pushing to the side for many years! I have surprised myself at how focused and determined I can be. All it took was waking up at 5am. 

You can surprise yourself, too. You are so much more than you are giving yourself credit for! Get your butt up early and see for yourself what you can accomplish. As you will soon find out, the benefits of waking up at 5am are numerous and sometimes downright surprising (in a good way!)

Quick update: I changed my wake-up time to 5:30am because after much fine-tuning, I determined that is the time that works best for my circadian rhythm. I recommend that you stay open to experimenting with your wake-up time as well. This flexibility will help you reap the maximum benefits of waking up early and avoi the crummy feeling that comes with waking up at the wrong part of your sleep cycle.

5 hidden benefits of waking up at 5am
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