If You Can’t Wake Up Early Anymore, Read This!

If You Can’t Wake Up Early Anymore, Read This!

If you can’t wake up early anymore and feel frustrated about it (regardless of what the reason is), this blog post strives to be of some help to you.

But first, a quick story…

Back when I was first establishing the habit of waking up early, I fell off the wagon a few times. OK, more than a few times. There were a couple of instances in particular, though, that I can remember where I told myself that I couldn’t wake up early anymore; I was essentially giving up the pursuit of early rising.

For what reason did I determine that I can’t wake up early anymore?

For a stupid reason. I simply didn’t feel like waking up early.

I mean, who ever does feel like getting out of a warm bed at the crack of dawn? No one, right? But warm beds are not where real life dreams are manifested…

Initially, I wanted to sleep more than I wanted to pursue my dream of building a business and quitting my job. How sad is that? I was being lazy and not willing to make all the necessary sacrifices. To pursue a dream, sacrifices must be made and inconveniences must be endured (and even welcomed).

I had to make a conscious decision to flip around my self-defeating attitude so that my mindset got the reset it needed. Instead of wanting to sleep more than wanting to pursue my dream, I decided I want to pursue my dream more than I want to sleep.

I want to pursue my dream more than I want to sleep - cant wake up early anymore

The only way to ever achieve anything worthwhile is to call yourself out on your own ridiculousness and change your own mind about whatever beliefs are limiting you. The cold, hard truth is that we cannot change other people (not permanently anyway), but we can most definitely change ourselves.

The only way to ever achieve anything worthwhile is to call yourself out on your own ridiculousness - cant wake up early anymore

To Wake Up Early Again, Get Out of Your Own Way

Admitting that I was getting in my own way was the first step to actually getting out of the way and pursuing my dreams again.

cant wake up early anymore - get out of your own way

You are probably reading this because you have somehow lost your way and feel like you can no longer wake up early. But I assure you, you can – with some genuine patience and effort.

Admit that you’re simply on a temporary detour and don’t beat yourself up for it, but make sure that it’s just that – a temporary detour. The day you decide that the detour is permanent is the day your future is in big trouble.

What If Some External Reason is Preventing You From Waking Up Early?

That might very well be why you can’t wake up early anymore, but is it really? Be honest with yourself.

Your reason why you can’t wake up early anymore might be different than the one I so adamantly told myself back in the day, but the reason is irrelevant. You’re still not getting up, are you? Let’s fix that.

In this blog post, I’d like to go over the typical “I don’t feel like waking up early” excuse (which, if you trace it back far enough, accounts for 99% of the reasons people feel like they can’t wake up early anymore), as well as some other legitimate health and situation-based reasons.

Then, I’d like to help you solve the problem and get back to your early rising as soon as possible.

Trust me, most of the roadblocks that you think are real when it comes to getting up early every single day – are mostly in your head and can be overcome if you commit yourself to doing so.

Reason #1 Why You Can’t Wake Up Early Anymore: You Lost Motivation

Most of us are in this camp. We gradually (sometimes suddenly) get lazy and simply don’t want to wake up early. It’s our own fault and we know it, but we still have to get over this self-imposed challenge and starting getting up early again.

But how?

Get Back to the Basics of How to Get Up Early

Start from square one. There’s no shame in starting over.

cant wake up early anymore - theres no shame in starting over

How did you originally build the habit of waking up early? Were you going to bed at a certain time? Were you using the 5 Second Rule to stop yourself from thinking before getting out bed?

How do you use the 5 Second Rule? Here’s how: When your alarm goes off, count silently (or aloud) 5-4-3-2-1 and when you reach 1, immediately lift up your blankets and get out of bed without having the typical inner dialogue with yourself. Just get up and get on with your day. Get up now and think afterward.

The moment you feel yourself hesitate count 5-4-3-2-1 - Mel Robbins quotes

In addition to employing the 5 Second Rule, whatever you were originally doing for your morning routine that worked – do it again, with no excuses.

Most importantly, re-visit your original reason for getting up early. You’re not going to get up any earlier than you absolutely have to without a good reason. My blog post about how to get up early in 5 easy steps might help.

While we’re on the topic of the 5 Second Rule, you might want to check out these 99 Mel Robbins quotes I compiled recently. Mel is a no-nonsense kind of person and many of her quotes are a great wake up call that can be applied to waking up early and life in general.

Reason #2 Why You Can’t Wake Up Early Anymore: You’ve Been Sick

Have you been sick and now that you’re feeling better you can’t wake up early anymore? No worries… Being sick and having an altered sleep schedule is a legit reason why you’ve had trouble waking up early.

Once you’re feeling well again, it’s not always easy to get back on board the early rising train. This is precisely when reason #2 (being sick) can deceptively turn into reason #1 (losing motivation). Be careful here.

As soon as you realize that you are on the road to recovery, make a mindful decision to get right back to waking up early.

cant wake up early anymore - make a mindful decision to get right back to waking up early

If you’ve been waking up later since getting sick, that’s ok. Just ease back into early rising by waking up 15 to 30 minutes earlier every few days until you reach your target wake up time again.

Reason #3 Why You Can’t Wake Up Early Anymore: You’ve Been Traveling or Temporarily Changed Your Schedule

Temporary schedule changes and traveling can both heavily affect waking up early. Your priority above all else (even above waking up early) should be getting enough sleep. If you’re not sleeping well, you probably can’t do anything else well.

cant wake up early anymore - Your priority above all else even above waking up early should be getting enough sleep

If you’ve been traveling across time zones or have significant changes to your schedule that you know are only temporary, it’s best to resume your early rising when things get back to normal, if possible.

As soon as you’re back to normal, don’t let yourself slip into reason #1 and lose your motivation to wake up early.

Reason #4 Why You Can’t Wake Up Early Anymore: You’ve Been Experiencing Insomnia or Other Sleep Issues

This one can be tricky because sleep issues like insomnia and narcolepsy can make waking up early nearly impossible.

As I mentioned in #3, prioritize sleeping well before trying to wake up early.

cant wake up early anymore - prioritize sleeping well before trying to wake up early

Aside from visiting your doctor, you might also try introducing a magnesium supplement. I found that this helped my insomnia immensely – and it was such a simple thing. In fact, I dare say that a magnesium glycinate supplement eliminated my insomnia and changed my life. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

This is the magnesium glycinate supplement I take. The quality is top notch and it works like a charm for me.

Other supplemental activities such helped my insomnia, too:

  • Traditional meditation
  • Yoga nidra <– YouTube link (sleep meditation)
  • Hot baths during winter months or when sick
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Turn off electronic devices an hour or two before bedtime
  • Be mindful (mentally set intentions and micro goals for the next day)…

…The above have also collectively played a role in helping me shake off my persistent insomnia. Most successful sleep treatments involve a combination of treatments and strategies. 

As far as I’m concerned, there is not a be-all and end-all solution to common sleep issues, but when combined with the magnesium supplement, the above are my Holy Grail.

Reason #5 Why You Can’t Wake Up Early Anymore: You Sleep in a Loud Environment

With some smart purchases, you can easily start waking up early again in loud environments. Depending on your situation (whether the source of the noise is inside or outside your home), you can purchase effective soundproofing items to make your bedroom a quieter place and help you resume waking up early immediately.

Don’t blame your lack of ability to wake up early on your environment. Fix the sitch!

Here are some soundproofing products that will help you:

I’ve found that the curtains and earplugs, in particular, help a ton with outside traffic noise or talking.

If I had to summarize this entire post into 2 actionable things to help you start quickly waking up early again, it would be these:

1 – Take a magnesium glycinate supplement like this one. This is a quick, cheap fix!

2 – Get the Somneo wake up light to make waking up a much more pleasant experience. You’ll be less groggy and wake up so much easier. It’s worth every penny to get this wake up alarm.

I'm the owner of WhyGetUpEarly.com and an enthusiastic early riser. Let's discuss why that is... and maybe I can make you a believer in magical mornings as well!

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