How to Wake Up Lightning Fast and Embrace the Day (26 Tips)

How to Wake Up Lightning Fast and Embrace the Day (26 Tips)

Are you looking for ways to wake up faster than the speed of light? Or maybe you simply don’t know how to wake up fast because it’s so overwhelming and you’re just so groggy in the morning? Either way, I’ve got you covered in this blog post.

Whether you are waking up for a job, school, study session, date, doughnut run – it doesn’t matter. You just want to know how to get up fast, right? No one wants to wake up in slow motion. With that in mind over the years, I’ve accumulated a list of ways to get up fast so I can get on with my day, accomplish my goals, and fit in more chances to have fun so that life isn’t such a monotonous treadmill. The list below will give you 26 of my best post-wake-up activities. 

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My Ultimate List of the 26 Fastest Ways to Wake Up in the Morning

  1.  Use the 5 Second Rule, which I talk about extensively on this blog, but this post explains it most succinctly. The 5 Second Rule is the metaphorical push you need to get you going for the day. Nothing wakes you up faster than simply getting out of bed in the first place. If you don’t do this one first, you won’t be able to do many of the other suggestions on this list. 
  2. Let there be light! As soon as you get out of bed, open the blinds or curtains. If the sun has not risen yet or it’s very cloudy outside, turn on a gentle light or candle for a few minutes to acclimate your eyes – then turn on the normal daytime light after you’ve done #3 or #4 below. Light will wake you up quickly, guaranteed!
  3. Splash cold water on your face several times. I do this every morning. Very effective! I also use the opportunity to exfoliate and give myself a facial massage, which I believe helps wake me up faster. The inexpensive apricot scrub that you can buy at any drugstore, Target, or Walmart is great for this. The name brand is St. Ives, but the cheaper store brands work just as well. Here it is on Amazon if you want to buy it there (not a bad price if you have a Prime Membership or have other Amazon stuff to buy so you can get free shipping.)
  4. Take a cold shower. Only do this if you’re a brave soul and don’t mind the shock to your system! I’ve done this on occasion and it isn’t any fun while in the shower, but after I dry off and get dressed, I’m immediately awake. I never regret this one afterward. In a weird sort of way, a cold shower can be addictive. I know, I’m a weirdo. Even if you think I’m nuts, you can’t deny that the cold shower works for a quick wake-up…
  5. Go swimming. If you have access to a pool, lake, or some other body of water, jump in and go for a swim when you wake up. The second you jump into the water, you’ll be awake – 100% guaranteed.
  6. Go outside and take a walk around the block. If you have a dog, walk your dog. This is especially effective at waking you up quickly in the winter when it’s cooler outside. Just make sure to bundle up accordingly, if necessary. Even the coolness of a summer morning is refreshing, so try this one out year round.
  7. Stretch and touch your toes. A good, long stretch session will wake you up real quick. It also feels great, so there’s that, too…
  8. Do 50 jumping jacks, jump rope skips, push-ups, or (gasp!) burpees. I guarantee a quick, efficient set of any of these cardio exercises will wake you up in record time.
  9. Listen to upbeat music. Nothing wakes you up quicker than your favorite tunes! Now is not the time for meditation music or relaxing classical music. Now is the time to pump up the volume and play something that will get you dancing. Which brings me to #7…
  10. Dance to your music. Be shameless and sing if you want to. If it’s early enough in the morning, no one is going to be awake to laugh at you anyway. If people are still sleeping, use headphones and lip sync with your hairbrush in front of the mirror. Just kidding… Sort of. 🙂
  11. Drink a full glass of lemon water. The water-citrus combo will hydrate and energize you fast. Just 1 or 2 slices of lemon squeezed into your water will do the trick. Like traditional Ayurvedic experts recommend, I’ve found it’s best if you drink your water while sitting down. This helps keep your body in harmony with nature and will help the water work its magic faster – AKA wake you up faster while you’re sitting in a relaxed state.
  12. Drink mint tea or ginger tea (hot or iced, doesn’t matter.) Both of these nutritious herbal teas energize and invigorate your senses. They’re just what you need to get going!
  13. Drink yerba mate, green tea, or coffee. I’m not an advocate for caffeine and rarely consume any because it provokes my anxiety and depression tendencies, but for some people, it’s a solid way to wake up fast. Know yourself and how you handle caffeine, and if a morning cup of joe works wonders for you then so be it. Go with it…
  14. Eat an orange, grapefruit, or other citrus fruit. Citrus fruits are zesty and refreshing. Citrus fruits are well known for energizing the body, which also wakes you up faster. They do this by boosting your serotonin levels – your feel-good hormones, that is. Increased serotonin also helps counteract stress hormones, so citrus is great all around!
  15. Have an actual, spoken conversation with someone you enjoy spending time with. This can be face-to-face, on the phone, or via video chat apps such as FaceTime or Google Hangouts. Face-to-face is ideal, of course, but not always doable first thing in the morning. Text messaging or text chatting online doesn’t count, though, because it’s too easy to delay your responses and avoid fully waking up during them. By having an engaging live conversation that involves speaking immediately upon waking, you are forcing your brain to wake up quickly and be alert so you can listen and participate in the conversation. The key here is for it to be someone you love talking to so that you will continue the conversation long enough for it to wake you up.
  16. Take Julia Cameron’s advice and write 3 pages of whatever pops into your mind first thing in the morning. She calls it Morning Pages and explains the concept in full here in this video. It is important that you write the 3 pages out by hand and commit to flowing with your stream of consciousness without judgment while you write. There is nothing that is too petty, insignificant, or rambly to write. This is not art or anything you will ever show to anyone else. This is for your eyes only. Oddly enough, at the end of a Morning Pages session, I quickly feel wide awake. Getting all the crap and grumpiness that have been clogging my brain first thing has a way of recalibrating me for the day, and thus, wakes me up really fast and really effectively. 
  17. Get a wake-up partner and hold each other accountable. If you have a spouse or roommate, this is the ideal person to hit up for this adventure. Help each other wake up fast. Plus, it’s so much more fun to make someone else wake up fast. Just be prepared for them to reciprocate. Use blow-horns if necessary. 🙂
  18. Turn on a movie with lots of loud, action scenes to stimulate your brain and get it ready to fire on all cylinders. By following a fast moving movie upon waking, it will speed up the time it takes you to become fully alert. Some people watch these types of movies at night when they’re trying to fall asleep and it always ends up delaying bedtime and wreaking havoc on the quality of sleep they get. Watch the movie in the morning instead and it will have the desired effect (alertness) at the proper time (upon waking.)
  19. Listen to a morning motivation speech on YouTube. There are many to choose from. Nothing wakes you up faster than a heavy dose of motivation from Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eckhart Tolle, Mel Robbins, and other motivational speakers who will immediately inspire you to wake up. Eckhart has said that we shouldn’t get stuck on words because they are only signposts that point to the truth, but still… the right set of words is powerful indeed and I think he would agree. The right set of words makes you leap out of bed and wake up fast.
  20. Listen to an inspiring audiobook when you wake up. Similar to the motivational speeches in #16, a self-help audiobook will wake you up fast by means of instant inspiration. Sometimes we all need a little nudge by someone who “gets it” better than we do. Some of my favorites are the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.
  21. Stimulate your brain. Play a game or do some kind of brainteaser puzzle like a crossword or Sudoku upon waking up. Even a physical jigsaw puzzle works well. If someone else is awake and not busy, try a game of chess or checkers. This will force you to wake up quickly. If you’re into puzzles of any sort, you’ll love the challenge of waking yourself up to an alert state fast so that you can complete the puzzle.
  22. Plan something fun on your days off that forced you to leave the house as soon as you wake up. Everyone leaves early for work or school… boooorrrriiiinnnngggg! When you plan something fun, you will wake up super fast. Try to do this as much as possible and you’ll have no trouble waking up quickly. Do you love fishing? Go immediately after you wake up. Or maybe you love chatting it up with friends at the coffee shop? Go immediately after you wake up.
  23. Stand up or sit up straight. If you’re slumping on your bed, sofa, or office chair, of course you’re not going to wake up quickly. If you need to be sitting after you wake up, make sure your posture is good with your back straight and your shoulders slightly back. Leaning back or slumping gives your body the cue that it’s still time to snooze. You’ll want to completely avoid the bed after you wake up – even if you’re sitting up. Experience has proven to me that just the mere act of sitting on the bed makes me sleepy.
  24. Find something that makes you laugh. Whether it’s a movie, YouTube video, conversation with a friend, whatever… If it makes you laugh, you’re going to feel lively and alert immediately. Get the good vibes flowing early and often!
  25. Use essential oils. Scents like peppermint, lemon, orange, ginger, rosemary, and a whole slew of others have the ability to wake you up STAT. All it takes is a drop or two on the inside of your wrists, on your neck and forehead, and on your upper lip. To be honest, citrus essential oils often get me alert quicker than caffeine – and they smell awesome. I love experiencing the scent of essential oils first thing in the morning.
  26. Get spiritual and express your gratitude for life. I left this one for last because I feel it’s the most important – yet it’s something many people overlook. Getting in touch with your Creator first thing in the morning is what will never fail to wake you up the fastest. When you’re genuinely grateful for what you have and confident in who you are, how can you be anything but awake?


I hope this list of 26 things will help you wake up fast. Life isn’t easy – that’s for sure. I know smooth mornings are something a lot of people get tripped up on. No one is ever fully awake the second they hop out of bed, but it’s easy to find one or more of the 26 tips above that can help speed along the process. Good luck on your morning journey!

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