Resetting your circadian rhythm can be tricky – especially if you live in an area that is frequently cloudy or has an extended winter where sunlight is hard to come by.

best light therapy devices

This list of my favorite light therapy devices helps me get through the winter blues, push through mid-afternoon energy slumps, and keep my early morning sleep schedule on track.

Luminette Light Therapy Glasses

AKA space glasses. 😉 I tried the ReTimer glasses first, but they kept falling off my head, so I returned them and bought thes Luminettes. I love these glasses and only have to use them for 20 to 30 minutes every morning while I start my morning routine in order for them to be effective. Quick and easy!  Check out the Luminettes on Amazon by clicking here.

ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses

AKA – space chemistry goggles. 😉 These light therapy glasses work well, but as I said above, I had to return them because my head is too small to hold them up. I had to hold them up with my hands, which defeated the purpose for me. If you have a medium to large head, they should do the trick for you! They’re a little cheaper than the Luminettes, which is awesome. You can find them on Amazon by clicking here.

Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Lamp

This is the light lamp I have used both at home for morning light therapy and is the same one I moved to work for a mid-afternoon energy boost after purchasing (and loving) the Luminettes. It’s a great little light lamp and has been extremely reliable for well over a year and counting. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here if you’re looking for a solid, affordable light lamp that is somewhat portable and isn’t one of those huge light boxes.